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7th-Sep-2005 12:03 pm - Music at Work
There was a power outage awhile ago. Expectedly so, everyone lost their one-hour worth of work. At the event that these sort of things happen (or when the computer fluctuates) you can hear a collective cry of banshees in this office. Me including. I very much sympathize although I only had to bewail the interruption of my Bonnie Pink Bit Torrent download.

This is one of the moments I am proud of having streaks of laziness.

Or else I would be a very mean banshee.


Bonnie Pink is my new addiction, thanks to marathon listening from osmalic.

These days I'm more into Japanese pop than Rock. It's been a working therapy of some sorts. I can't seem to work with any highs or louds. I can't even work with Phantom of the Opera because the music is demanding too much attention enough to push work concentration.

Before Yahoo Launchcast failed on me, I had been occupied by "Hits of the 90s" (songs of them highschool days and what some people would scowl saying "the years before the Japanese invasion"), Motown Classics, Love Songs, and some Dance music. But if you are on Launchcast you'd realize that switching back forth stations eats 1/8 of your every 5 minutes (Do the math) and consequently those little 1/8s lead to 1 minute, 2 minutes...15 minutes...The songs will eventually be on ceaseless repeat until there's none.

Then again there's www.radioblogclub.com A genius invention. Used to be the sun in my day until the Internet speed here has deteriorated (and had been repeatedly sputtering) making the song loading time vewy vewy slow. Before you would sing the tunes of Garbage, you would already be listening to Star Wars (according to my playlist anyway). It's been a pain trying to make sure you're not going to be left singing in the air.

Ever since, I've been ransacking music from officemates' list and am just beginning to grow my own playlist through Winmx and Torrents.

Thus, Bonnie Pink. I uploaded one of her songs while precious DSL is still around to make us all happy. I snagged this one from osmalic. It's called "Thinking of You" and it's like Bubblegum.

Plus two more. These are all happy perky songs it's hard not to like them or even turn them off in your head. These tunes had been stuck in my head as soon as the first time I listened to them.

As these are Yousendit stuff, they have a 7-day expiration.

(1) Bonnie Pink Thinking of You
- Snag here

(2) Kou Shibasaki - Glitter
(Kou Shibasaki is Mitsuko from Battle Royale. She would have been in Kill Bill as Gogo Yubari's sister if she didn't have schedule conflicts. I don't dig celebrities-turned-singers, but there must be a reason why I can't get her songs out of my head.
- Snag here

(3) Tokyo Jihen - Bokoku Jyoshou
(This is Shiina Ringo's new band. Shiina is one of Japan's biggest music icons. She was on a Time Asia cover once.)
- Snag here
6th-Sep-2005 11:29 am - Wimpistic antics
People are randomly sending ghost stuff in e-mail and Yahoo Messenger at work today and I'm just irky. I have a huge weakness with these things. It's one of the reasons why I stay away from forwarded e-mails. I am not looking forward to seeing a ghost pop out of my screen whilst scrolling my e-mail down because I'm a wimp. No matter how cheap and unscary it is, really. I'm not about to try. The Ring series destroyed my entire Christmas season with sleepless nights and darkness/TV phobias (since the TV right before the bed). I am very happy to have gone over that, thank you.

To illustrate how easily freaked out I am with these things, an officemate (I believe this was aquatic_vertigo's sister) sent me an e-mail entitled something like, "It was a dark stormy night" or something to that effect. As most forwarded messages begin, there's some narration. I scrolled down and oops, saw the first few pixels of what seems to be a picture. But before I scroll right down to find out what it is, I immediately backed out the e-mail and even deleted it (this is why I can't remember the exact title of the message). I messaged my officemate immediately and asked her if there's a 'ghost' in the message she've sent, only to find out that it's just a picture of cute animals.

So, there you go.
5th-Sep-2005 11:46 am - And now for my first rant
Sucky Internet at work destroyed my schedule and the possibility of further beautifying this journal.

For the time being, I'll answer the questions posed in my test entry.

The second lj
>> I've given up posting in my first lj. It's been really difficult to post with the 3-year old baggages in it. I don't want to drag them all the time. It's been through a lot of revamps that were not so long-lasting and sometimes discomforting. I'd imagine it's like a dull mutated clothing full of colorful patches, all unsuccessful in their attempts to make the clothing still look fresh and new. The other journal will remain as a public presence/identity for communities and fandoms.

I did try to host my own blog in the domain I share with Liv but the coding and databasing have been a major pain. I gave up (And we're talking simple stuff like blogger). I realized I don't want to have to have a journal that's going to keep me from posting because I have to learn codes and change the layout when all I wanted to do is just to write. When LJ started being very pretty, I decided there's no reason to move away from this place. Plus, you're all still here :)

My second lj is supposed to start with the basics and with the sole purpose of having a writing outlet and nothing more :) No flashy designs (except for the icons which I still love doing), just words.

The Pink theme.
>> Because it's cute! And I'm conforming to the icon Liv made me ;D

Second lj contents
>> By starting with the basics, it's going to begin with real life accounts :)

Post frequency
>> I definitely look forward to posting more frequently. I'm more relaxed with a new journal that is only read by my closest friends.

Friends only
>> I personally contacted each and every one I friended in this journal meaning to say nobody knows this exists except all of you, yet.
4th-Sep-2005 09:35 pm - Let's try this again
This was a second lj but I decided I can't leave the first lj alone. So this might eventually become a creative depot.
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